Our centre holds equestrian workshops for school students, with the goal of providing pupils with their first experience of the world of horses as they learn about their care and behaviour, as well as basic knowledge of horse riding. Pupils are also shown around our surrounding area, the Natural Park of Do ñana, where they will get to know the different crops and landscapes of the Andalusian countryside.

  • Number of participants: the workshops are designed for approx. 50 students.
  • Duration: Our equestrian workshop last half a day, the usual schedule being from 09:30 to 13:45.
  • Cost: €12 per participant. This price, as well as including participation in all the activities, includes liability insurance.

  • Workshop schedule:
    • Introduction: The workshop begins at 09:30 with a presentation to all pupils, whereby the centre director will welcome everyone and briefly explain the activity schedule. Pupils will be divided into four groups before continuing onto the different activities. This presentation will last for approx. 30 minutes. From 10:00 onwards, each group will follow their instructor to each workshop activity, which lasts for approx. one hour.

  • Workshops:
    • Tour of countryside: We will take a tour of the surrounding area by horse carriage. Pupils will be shown the different crops of the Andalusian countryside, and will visit a typical local farmhouse. They will also see the different types of landscape of the Doñana area: pine woods, marshland and meadows.
    • Learning to ride: Each group, in batches of six pupils, will ride horses in our arena. Pupils will learn riding basics: seat, position and balance, mounting and dismounting, walking, halting the horse, etc.
    • A horse's life in a riding school: This is a practical workshop where pupils, alongside their instructor, will learn about horse care: feeding, hoof and shoe care, washing, grooming, stall cleaning, etc. Pupils will be taught the different uses for riding tack.
    • Horse anatomy and behaviour: Using handouts and images, pupils will learn about the parts of a horse, breeds, coat colours and characteristics. Pupils will receive images detailing the different parts of a horse, as well as basic equine vocabulary to familiarise them with equestrian theory. These talks will be given by our instructors in situ among our facilities and horses.


Below is a video showing the workshop activities.